Dolfin Magik Productions

Greetings!  My name is Sean Robinson.  For many years, I created videos on YouTube (Click on the link below to see my channel) to showcase my work as a miniaturist.  My videos are still there, but I am no longer making miniatures due to failing eyesight and arthritis.  Toward the end of my time there I had created a few "movies" based on stories from another miniaturist.  I really enjoyed doing that, so I am pursuing that avenue of creativity.
I am also working on a fantasy/post-apocalypse story that I have had in my head since the mid-1990s.  I have been using Firefly to help me visualize some of my characters, scenes, locations, etc. so that I can, hopefully, put those thoughts to paper ... well ... pixel.  On this site, I will be sharing both my work as a miniaturist, as well as my story, through pictures.  I hope that you will enjoy what I have created, and follow along with me on my journey to a new world of my creation.
Thank you for reading through to here.  As I always say ... Have a better day!